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Meet the Team

FiscalNote began with a team of three in June 2013 and has been growing exponentially ever since.

Tim hwang

Tim Hwang

Chief Executive Officer

Tim loves coming into work every day to build and work with a world-class team of FiscalNoters to deliver products that continuously improve the lives of our customers. He is a graduate of Princeton University and is currently deferring Harvard Business School.

Jonathan chen

Jonathan Chen

Chief Technology Officer

Jonathan believes that technology drives creativity, and creativity ignites innovation.

Gerald yao

Gerald Yao

Chief Strategy Officer

Gerald has been working at start-up organizations since he was fifteen years old. He founded his first company, an online dessert decorations store, in high school. Gerald attended Emory University.

Ajay chadha

Ajay Chadha

VP of Engineering

Ajay believes that when teams come together to build products, experiences, and services that meets the business needs, it's like witnessing musicians at the most perfect symphony. Ajay has previously lead teams at Bloomberg, AOL and SAIC and is excited to come to work at FiscalNote everyday.

Dat quach

Dat Quach

Associate Director of Engineering

Dat enjoys designing large-scale, highly available infrastructures in order to minimize downtime. He previously worked at Cisco, and completed his M.S. in CS at Brown University and his B.S. in CS at the University of Illinois.

Dan maglasang

Dan Maglasang

Lead Front-End Engineer

Dan is a minimalist.

Levon mkrtchyan

Levon Mkrtchyan

Lead Back-End Engineer

Levon is an internal tools specialist with a passion for streamlining routine tasks. He creates workflows that contextualize critical decisions while automating away the tedium.

Chris simpson

Chris Simpson

Lead Mobile Engineer

Engineering out of the box solutions to problems nobody even had before is what Chris does best. Chris has a helicopter that can get him tacos... Even when he doesn't want any...

Dev shah

Dev Shah

Software Engineer

Dev is a Dev(eloper). He enjoys sports, trying new foods, and engineering together hacks. He loves to promote a strong culture at FiscalNote by planning events like going to music festivals, renaissance fairs, or going to a play.

Earl lee

Earl Lee

Software Engineer

Earl is passionate about using technology to improve the world. He graduated Yale with a Computer Science degree. When he's offline, Earl practices Olympic weightlifting, cooks, and shoots photos.

Peter tarectecan

Peter Tarectecan

Software Engineer

Peter graduated with a degree in Computer Science from the University of Maryland, College Park this past May. In February, he interned with FiscalNote as a QA Intern. WORK HARD PLAY HARD!

Kris salvador

Kris Salvador

Software Engineer

Kris recently graduated from University of Maryland, studying CS and Econ. Kris works with the FN engineering team to further the company's innovative products. An occasional idealist, he someday hopes to live in a world where everyone documents their code and KFC stands for Kris' favorite chicken.

Benjamin tousley

Benjamin Tousley

Software Engineer

Ben enjoys solving difficult problems and implementing clean, extensible interfaces.

Fan yang

Fan Yang

Software Engineer

Fan loves to solve problems and learn new things. He completed an M.S. in CS from Brown University and a B.S. in Computer Engineering from the University of Kentucky.

Anthony destefano

Anthony DeStefano

Software Engineer

Anthony does computers. He loves clean apis, verbose logs, and making bits communicate. When not coding, Anthony enjoys syncopated drum beats, crunchy guitars, and searching for patterns in the noise.

Andrew johnson

Andrew Johnson

Software Engineer

Andrew created a program language called Luck, which is not an acronym. He also speaks Japanese.

May zhai

May Zhai

Software Engineer

May is finally returning home to the DMV after going to school in Pittsburgh and spending some time in San Diego. She loves traveling, running, dogs, and is very excited to work with some awesome people at FN!

Vincent eberle

Vincent Eberle

Front-End Engineer

Vince is a startup problem solver and Americorps alumnus that loves the idea of utilizing open data for civic education and transparency. A Pittsburgh native (by way of Austin, TX), he enjoys biking, tinkering on any instrument, and using the word 'yinz'.

Wesley sluss

Wesley Sluss

DevOps Engineer

With 15+ years of experience in all phases of the software development life cycle, Wesley enjoys writing scripts and enabling others to do great things. In his free time he organizes for the Northern Virginia Sports Car Club.

Andrew cheong

Andrew Hian-Cheong

Software Engineer

Andrew recently graduated from Georgetown University majoring in Computer Science and Government during which he interned in the Executive branch as well as Google. A scout, foodie, pun master, and musician, he also loves hackathons and board games.

Luke lancaster

Luke Lancaster

Software Development Engineer in Test

Luke grew up in San Diego before heading north to Los Angeles, where he received his Bachelor of Science in Computer Science from the University of Southern California. He's since been talked into moving east, where he's managed to adjust to seasonal weather and the joys of public transportation.

Vlad eidelman

Vladimir Eidelman

VP of Research

Vlad loves digging into difficult research problems and broadly opining. He completed his Ph.D. in C.S, as an NSF and NDSEG Fellow, at the University of Maryland and his B.S. in C.S and Philosophy from Columbia University.

Brian grom

Brian Grom

Senior Principal Scientist

A creative problem solver with over a decade of experience in NLP, Brian looks forward to making advances in the categorization and extraction of information from open sources.

Daniel argyle

Daniel Argyle

Data Scientist

Daniel is an economist turned data scientist who likes to know everything that's going on in the world, especially sports and politics. He has a Ph.D. in economics from UCSB and a B.A. from BYU.

Jervis pinto

Jervis Pinto

Data Scientist

Jervis is interested in problems at the intersection of machine learning, automated planning and software engineering. He enjoys learning from experts via imitation.

Momo ong

Momo Ong

Senior Product Manager

Born a true leader, Momo likes to play video games and basketball. He also likes to learn about new things!

Hanns chong

Hanns Chong

Senior UI/UX Engineer

A UX evangelista, a UI barista, a code monkey, a Photoshop junkie, an Illustrator hippie, and more... with over 15 years background in software and agency experience.

Rebekah kang

Rebekah Kang

Market Development Consultant

Experienced with numerous elections in Korea, she became passionate for connecting voters and politicians via technology. She believes in making government data more useful across industries and individuals. She likes jumping off the bridge (bungee jumping) and dogs.

Michael weaver

Michael Weaver

VP of Business Development

Michael Weaver has a passion for taking products to market and working with growing technologies. Outside of work, he enjoys hiking, traveling, burgers, and his dog Houston.

Patrick cronan

Patrick Cronan

Business Development Director

Patrick previously worked for Thomson Reuters Legal business "West" for 9 years. Prior to joining Thomson he graduated from the University of Wisconsin with a BA in Political Science.

John ver brycke

John Ver Brycke V

Associate Director, Business Development

John is an experienced sales professional with an extensive background in marketing and data-driven improvement to process. An Annapolis, MD, native he enjoys anything having to do with being on the water and spending time with his two german shepherds.

Craig burel

Craig Burel

Sales Operations Manager

Craig is our first New York City hire. He previously worked on Morgan Stanley’s equity trading floor after receiving a BA in Economics from Lafayette College.

Vanessa knecht

Vanessa Knecht

Associate Director, Business Development

Vanessa’s jet-setting career has included work in digital finance, international trade, and international development. She has an MA from King's College London and BA from the University of Michigan.

Crystal yan

Crystal Yan

Business Development Associate

Crystal Yan had previously worked at ACCION, Standard Chartered, StackMob (acq. by PayPal) and Infosys. Crystal graduated from Amherst College with a BA in Economics and suffers from chronic wanderlust.

Elvin merlo

Elvin Merlo

Senior Business Development Associate

Elvin is a University of Richmond Graduate who studied International Business and Marketing. His background is in International Sales but his passion is in black lab-shepherd mixes, specifically one named Shadow.

Rebecca brown

Rebecca Brown

Business Development Associate

Rebecca graduated from the University of Maryland with degrees in Marketing and Operations Management. She enjoys discovering new music, the Baltimore Ravens, and exploring her Georgetown neighborhood.

Daryl hok

Daryl Hok

Senior Business Development Associate

Daryl studied Economics and Psychology at Yale University. He is a Southern California native who is still trying to adjust to the East Coast. He enjoys playing volleyball, eating In-N-Out, and watching 24.

Amanda wynter

Amanda Wynter

Business Development Associate

Amanda loves thinking through political problems. After graduating from Georgetown University, she did research at National Journal. She enjoys cooking, writing, and running along the Potomac.

Trevor gurgick

Trevor Gurgick

Business Development Associate

Trevor is a public policy nut and entrepreneur by day; artist, musician, and sports “phanatic” by night. He has a passion for people and is constantly looking for a way to better the community around him.

Mike kandel

Mike Kandel

Business Development Associate

Mike began his career as an entrepreneurial photographer and marketing professional. He earned his BA at The George Washington University and MSC from Cornell University. He enjoys traveling, fitness and eating his way through NYC.

Thomas guthrie

Thomas Guthrie

Business Development Associate

Tom studied International Politics at Georgetown University. He co-founded Youth Voices, a non-profit that recruits and trains young people to run for office. He enjoys running ultramarathons.

Ashley holofcener

Ashley Holofcener

Senior Business Development Associate

Ashley's career began in the consumer product goods world, in various sales strategy and marketing roles at Colgate-Palmolive. A retired collegiate athlete from William and Mary, she brings competitive spirit and leadership to the workplace. Traveling, fitness, Mexican food, and small fluffy dogs are a few of her favorite things.

Alex fein

Alex Fein

Business Development Associate

Alex is a Business Management graduate from the University of Maryland, though he originally hails from the City of Brotherly Love. He is a huge fan of sports and music, and he never backs down from a competition.

Hadley roberts

Hadley Roberts

Business Development Associate

Hadley is a recent graduate of the University of Richmond with a degree in marketing and finance. She is a professional bargain shopper and loves discovering the hidden gems of D.C.

Yojin yoon

Yojin Yoon

Business Development Associate

Yojin is a graduate of Bowdoin College. She has only lived in "M" states: Massachusetts, Minnesota, and Maine. She loves dogs and classical music.

Lia cromwell

Lia Cromwell

Business Development Associate

Lia studied Public Policy, Economics, and Spanish at Duke University. She is interested in how big data and policy intersect in business. Lia loves spicy food, coffee, and the Oxford comma.

William ellis

William Ellis

Business Development Associate

Passionate about politics and green energy, Will earned his BA at Princeton, followed by an MPP in Berlin, Germany. He enjoys most anything involving the outdoors, from working on his family farm in Maine, to sailing and bouldering.

Jonathan bass

Jonathan Bass

Business Development Associate

Jon studied history at Princeton University, though his heart lies in the mountains of North Carolina. He appreciates efficiency and college basketball.

Elle brunsdale

Elle Brunsdale

Business Development Associate

Elle has a passion for public policy and is excited by the power of big data to improve decision-making. While born in D.C., Elle grew up in Colorado and loves to fly-fish, play the piano, and train for triathlons. She graduated from Yale with a B.A. in Economics and Environmental Studies.

Kyle buttner

Kyle Buttner

Business Development Associate

Kyle grew up in Texas before leaving for Philadelphia to study at the University of Pennsylvania. After graduating, he spent a year in San Francisco working for the British Government's economic development team. Though he misses the West Coast, he loves DC for its people, culture, and lack of fog.

Joseph pak

Joseph Pak

Business Development Associate

Originally from the San Francisco Bay Area, Joe is obsessed with two things: basketball and startups. Joe studied Political Science and Government at Harvard University.

Arius ford

Arius Ford

Senior Business Development Associate

Arius began his career working for IBM and AT&T and graduated from Georgetown University. Outside of work he enjoys traveling the globe, sports, meeting new people and cheering on his beloved Dallas Cowboys.

Taj chadha

Taj Chadha

VP of Customer Success

Taj has lived and worked in 8 countries but considers DC to be the greatest city in the world. He loves working at startups where it is about technology that clients use daily. He is a graduate of Virginia Tech.

Gerald kierce

Gerald Kierce

Customer Success Manager

Gerald studied Entrepreneurship & Political science at The University of Dayton. He loves startups, world history, traveling, literature, and the possibilities of big data. Oh, and he's Puerto Rican.

Anna tupy

Anna Tupy

Customer Success Manager

Anna loves the idea of making policy information transparent, accessible, and useful for all those affected. A native to the DC area, she enjoys the emerging food scene, DC sports, and traveling to new places.

Bill palombi

Bill Palombi

Customer Success Manager

Bill believes in the power of data driven decision making and is passionate about helping clients use technology to make their data actionable. He is an alumnus of the University of Virginia, which he loves almost as much as he loves Batman.

Amy plumley

Amy Plumley

Marketing Director

Amy has a passion for building and scaling high growth technology companies. She enjoys watching the Washington Football Team, travel and shooting holes in movie plots.

Adam nekola

Adam Nekola

Web Developer

With a background in journalism, Adam is self-taught in web development. He's an alumnus of the University of Illinois and the Pew Research Center. Adam's favorite hobby is pitching in the Congressional Softball League. Originally from Chicago, pizza is always on his mind.

Audrey sullivan

Audrey Sullivan

Senior Marketing Coordinator

Audrey loves the mix of analytics and creativity that goes into marketing. A graduate of Wake Forest University, she enjoys Mexican food, Boston sports, and long discussions about Game of Thrones fan theories.

Mandy shen

Mandy Shen

Junior Designer

Mandy is not just-another-designer. She has an artistic heart and a geeky mind. Her favorite part of DC is watching white collar workers walking on the street.

Arthur karell

Arthur Karell

VP of Operations and Chief of Staff

Arthur loves growing, organizing, and supporting a team of exceptionally talented people. Previously Arthur was an international compliance attorney and later a Marine combat leader.

Rob bailer

Rob Bailer

Director of Finance

Rob is a lover of all things data and would choose Excel in the desert island question. When not in the office, Rob is an avid skier, an average runner, and a wannabe piano player.

Mike stubbs

Mike Stubbs

Senior Director of Operations

With his finger on the pulse of FiscalNote’s different teams, Mike’s constantly searching for more efficient ways to go about company operations. A lover of US History, he’s thrilled to work each day in the heart of DC.

Karen hodson

Karen Hodson

Associate Director of Operations

Karen is passionate about growing a start-up with a focus on its greatest assets – the people. She was previously a foundational member of Opower growing it from 5 people to over 400 in less than 6 years and is excited to do it all over again. She has a M.A. in Organizational Management and a B.A. in Economics.

Amy dalebout

Amy Dalebout

Operations Manager

Amy loves making organizations work better. Previously with Ashoka, Amy strengthened operations in their US headquarters, Canada, and Indonesia offices. She holds an MPA.

Victoria sanchez

Victoria Sanchez

Operations Coordinator

Victoria joined FiscalNote after a year working in Democratic politics. She graduated from Yale University and is a native of the Lone Star State.

John zoshak

John Zoshak

Senior Policy Manager

John enjoys bridging the gap between policy and tech every day at FiscalNote. He received his J.D. from George Mason University School of Law and his best friend is his greyhound Rocketflamingo.

Rishi banerjee

Rishi Banerjee

Policy Manager

Rishi has been involved in the regulatory arena for nearly a decade, with experience in both the public and private sectors, most recently as Director of Regulatory Affairs at the American Frozen Food Institute. He loves fast cars, good food and a gripping political debate.

Jacqueline chen

Jacqueline Chen

Web Design Intern

Jacqueline will happily talk to you about trees, and you’ll find her practicing wushu and League on the same day. She’s the artist and animator behind Chibird and has Photoshopped for 5+ years. She made this website.

Grant jung

Grant Jung

Quality Assurance Engineer Intern

Grant is currently a junior information systems major at University of Maryland. He served as a scout, Post Exchange manager and the squad leader in the Military Demarcation Line in Korean peninsula. He is a huge fan of trekking, skiing and mountain running.

Juliana pyo

Juliana Pyo

Business Development Intern

Juliana is currently a freshman at UMCP and is majoring in International Business at the Smith School of Business. At FiscalNote, she assists in prospecting companies/organizations.

Tony do

Tony Do

Policy Intern

Tony grew up in the Bay Area of California. He is a political science major at the University of California, Berkeley. Both now and in the future, he wants to bring upon positive changes to American governance, by promoting a more transparent, accessible, and open government.

Andrew wiles

Andrew Wiles

Policy Intern

Andrew received his J.D. from the University of Georgia School of Law. He has worked in federal and state government. His interests include public policy, snow skiing, and Atlanta sports.



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GEN (Ret.) Stanley McChrystal
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