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The future of government relations is here.

FiscalNote’s GRM platform is a revolutionary new way for organizations to build and execute an effective, modern government strategy.

GRM brings government affairs into the information age.

Maximize Influence

Government relations is about influence and results — that’s why FiscalNote is built from the ground up to help organizations effectively advocate for the outcomes they care about.

Measure ROI

How can you evaluate something you can’t measure? FiscalNote finally brings government affairs into the information age with 21st-century analytics and reporting capabilities.

Connect Everyone

Effective government strategy leverages your entire organization. FiscalNote gives everyone from executives to lobbyists to communication teams what they need, when they need it.

Introducing FiscalNote Mobile

Legislative tracking, monitoring and analytics across all 50 states, DC, and Congress – now from your mobile device.

I am a major supporter of FiscalNote. Our move to their system has really increased our efficiency and efficacy on the government relations front.

Michael Belitzky, National Electrical Manufacturers Association