About Our Company

What We Do

FiscalNote is a real-time government analytics platform. Our mission is to unlock government data and make it useful across industries. We use cutting-edge technology and a beautiful interface to engineer products that connect organizations to the data and analytics they need.

Our vision is to make FiscalNote mission-critical to every office and organization. We hope to foster a transparent political and legal system through the use of open data.

Our Story

Friends since middle school, Tim Hwang, Jonathan Chen, and Gerald Yao together founded FiscalNote in the summer of 2013. Despite later heading off to different universities, their friendship would later become the foundation for FiscalNote.

While heading up an advocacy organization in Washington, DC, Tim saw firsthand how difficult it was to obtain government information; at one time he even enlisted several interns just to get the information he needed. Frustrated with the situation, he teamed up with Jonathan and Gerald to begin a project that would make it easier to monitor and analyze legislation and FiscalNote was born.