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A short time ago...

In a Motel 6 in Silicon Valley, three high school friends founded FiscalNote.

What We Do

We unlock open data and make it useful across industries using cutting-edge artificial intelligence and beautiful design.

Our Vision

Our vision is to make FiscalNote mission-critical to every office and organization, and foster a transparent political and legal system in the process.

Our Story

Wootton High School
Tim Hwang, Jonathan Chen, and Gerald Yao were friends since their high school days at Thomas Wootton High School. Their friendship would be the foundation for the start of FiscalNote.
Motel 6 Silicon Valley
The founders moved out to Silicon Valley and on June 11, 2013, they incorporated their new company, FiscalNote. Tim, Jonathan, and Gerald spent the summer of 2013 in Sunnyvale, California building FiscalNote from the ground up, staying in a Motel 6 the entire summer.
Bethesda Towers
After raising their first round of investment from Mark Cuban, NEA, Jerry Yang, and First Round Capital Dorm Room Fund, the FiscalNote trio moved their office to Bethesda, Maryland, where the FiscalNote team started to grow.
Metro Center DC HQ
Today, the FiscalNote team has grown up with new team members in Washington, DC and New York City. They come to work eager to solve hard problems and build tools that empower their customers in making critical business decisions.