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FiscalNote combines state and federal data with advanced analytics and powerful workflow tools, all focused on helping you most effectively influence the issues that matter to you.

FiscalNote is a complete government relationship management (GRM) system designed to maximize your influence by automating repetitive work, optimizing daily processes, and providing useful analytical insights.

Automate repetitive government affairs work.

FiscalNote takes the repetition and drudgery out of public affairs, so your team can spend more time executing your strategy, and less time sorting through endless documents. Let humans do what they do best, and let your GRM handle the rest.

  • Collect and organize thousands of key documents from hundreds of sources instantly and automatically.
  • Receive immediate alerts and updates whenever something important changes.
  • Bypass irrelevant information without worrying about missing something that matters.
  • Eliminate hundreds of hours of manual, error-prone administrative work.

Optimize your everyday procedures.

GRM is about more than just documents — that’s why only FiscalNote connects the data you need to high-performance workflow tools that help you share, study, and respond to developments more effectively.

  • Modernize outdated workflows with a simple, modern interface for managing everything in one place.
  • Connect deep, automated research to powerful outreach tools designed to maximize influence.
  • Share external data and internal insight across your organization with platform-wide collaboration tools.
  • Tap into your intelligence from anywhere with an industry-leading mobile app.

Make insightful, data-driven decisions.

Government affairs professionals already rely on their expansive networks and personal knowledge — FiscalNote helps them augment it with comprehensive analytic insights for every issue, and every legislator, and helps you use them to get results.

  • Build a strategy for the most-likely future with powerful analytics for every bill and regulation.
  • See what’s likely to get a vote, what’s likely to pass, and who’s most likely to swing a given issue.
  • Combine FiscalNote’s data-gathering and machine-learning with your own insight to confirm your assessments and erase your blind spots.

Learn more about the principles behind GRM.

See what the future of government affairs looks like with FiscalNote's library of whitepapers.

Defining Success in Modern Government Affairs

The widespread adoption of new technologies has rendered many business practices less important, or even obsolete, forcing professionals and teams to acquire new skills and develop new success metrics. In this white paper, learn what these metrics are and how they can be accomplished.

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Analytics for the Government Affairs Professional

While rolodexes and face-time still matter, realtionship-building alone is no longer sufficient for anyone looking to maximize their influence. Instead, successful government affairs teams are beginning to turn to analytics in order to augment their own knowledge with the transformative power of big data.

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Taking Control of Regulatory Risk

Although regulatory strategy can have billions of dollars in economic impact, government affairs teams are often faced with myriad hurdles that make regulatory advocacy very difficult. Learn about these challenges and how they can be mitigated with a combination of technical solutions and innovative thinking.

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